Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room?
An Escape Room is a fun and immersive game in which players are challenged to solve a series of
clues and puzzles within a room. It is a live action adventure with imaginative themes
accompanied by entrancing visual and audio displays, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Each room has a 60 minute time limit in order to complete all the tasks, adding to the suspense
and excitement of the game play.

What is an Escape Dinner?
Love a Murder Mystery? Discover our new form of Dinner Entertainment!

We are excited to introduce Escape Dinners to Scotland. eeek! have taken the traditional Escape
Room concept and transformed it into a mobile table top game. This allows guests to experience
all the excitement and fun of Escape Room puzzles, whilst enjoying a meal with family and

An Escape Dinner is a modern twist on the old classic parlour games and it is the perfect way to
enjoy a dinner party with a difference. Guests are split into teams and challenged to solve a series
of puzzles and clues hidden around their dinner table. It’s a friendly head-to-head competition and
a race against time to win!

Who can play these games?
There are no age restrictions on who can play our games, however we would suggest that
children under the age of 10 will find the puzzles in the room difficult to complete unaided.
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

If children aged 10-15 years are playing as part of a birthday party please note this is a different
experience, as our Games Masters help the children with a special guided escape.

Can my child have a birthday party here?

Absolutely! We regularly host birthday parties at eeek! for children turning 10 years old and above. Our Games Masters provide a special ‘guided escape’ and essentially become another member of the team. We help the children to solve all the puzzles and to complete the rooms, whilst fostering their independence. ‘We recommend booking the Magicians Heist or Stuck in the 90’s themed rooms. The Ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots is not suitable for younger children’.

How do I book?

You can book with us online via this link or alternatively you can call us on 0730 562 7750
 to request a time slot which is not available online. All bookings need to be made with us in advance. There may be last minute slots available due to cancellations so if you’re attempting to book a slot last minute please call us directly and we will try to accommodate you.

Access for people with Disabilities
Unfortunately, as we are located in a listed building that is accessed via a staircase, we are unable
to make our site wheelchair accessible. However, our Escape Dinner games are mobile, and we
are able to visit you in a location of your choosing.
How long will the experience take?
Your escape room booking will be enjoyed as part of a 90 minute slot. This is so our games master can adequately brief you before you begin the game and have time to speak with you afterwards. You will have 60 minutes to escape the room.
How much will it cost?
Please check out our pricing page.
What if I arrive late?
We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before your booking in order to be adequately briefed before your game begins. Due to the live aspect of escape games the games need to be run to a strict schedule. If you arrive late, the game may start without you or the game time will be reduced to accommodate you.
What if I arrive far too early?

Fortunately being located in the heart of Glasgow’s vibrant West End we are only a few minutes walking distance from lovely coffee shops or restaurants, if you would like to take a caffeine fix before joining us for your game. We also have a reception area in which you will be able to take a seat and wait for your game to begin.