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Our escape rooms will have different games, each with a unique theme and story. You will have 60 minutes to successfully complete an escape game. Each of our rooms can accommodate teams of up to 6 people at any one time.

The Blunt Axe

Mary Queen of Scots is one of the most fascinating and tragic figures of Scottish History. Born in Linlithgow Palace in 1542, she acceded to the throne at 6 days old. Her short life was embroiled with misfortune.

Religious conflict, brutal murders, controversial marriages and assassination plots are just a few of the themes that repeated in her calamitous life. A life that ended with her execution in 1587 at Fotheringhay Castle. Mary met her tragic fate with three gruesome strikes of the axe.

The future of the world is threatened. Scientists have identified that the death of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots was the defining moment in history that has lead to this imminent demise of civilisation.

After decades of research, a world renowned historian and physicist has developed a way to transport your team to the 1500s. Unfortunately, this prototype only has the functionality to last 60 minutes. Your team need to travel back in time, discover and alter pivotal moments in Mary’s life.

Can you change the course of history and ultimately save Mary from The Blunt Axe?

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